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Akustica AKU340

Product Features

  • Omnidirectional analog-output microphone 
  • 3.35mm x 2.50mm x 1.00mm form factor
  • High performance 62dB SNR
  • Tightly matched -38dB +/-2dB sensitivity 
  • PSRR > 60dB
  • Wideband frequency response 50Hz-20kHz, no in-band resonance 
  • Metal-lid package immune to RF/EM interference
  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant, and Halogen Free in acordance with IEC61249-2-21

Target Applications

  • Smartphones and mobile phones which require high quality acoustic performance in a small form factor microphones
  • Multi-mic applications and noise cancellation algorithms which benefit from microphones with tightly matched sensitivity and phase
  • Products designed to capture wideband audio that require a microphone with little or no frequency response variation from 100Hz-10kHz
  • Other small, thin consumer electronic devices using more than one microphone

Detailed Description

The AKU340 is a bottom ported, thin profile, analog-output microphone which can be used in any design that currently uses a 2.50mm x 3.35mm analog microphone footprint. Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the mobile handset OEMs, the AKU340 is offered in a metal lid package which provides the microphone with a high degree of EM/RF immunity. With an excellent acoustic performance of 62dB SNR and a wideband frequency response, the AKU340 delivers high quality audio capture across a broad acoustic spectrum. In addition, with its tight sensitivity matching of just +/-2dB between microphones, the AKU340 is ideal for use in microphone array applications where more uniform microphones lead to increased performance of noise suppression algorithms.

The AKU340 is the first microphone from Akustica to leverage the same 2-chip MEMS technology that has been used to manufacture Bosch MEMS sensors for more than 20 years. To learn more about Akustica's MEMS technology, click here.